How to Chip Away at Things

How to chip away at the bits that don’t get you success

ChipI was at  a networking event recently and a very wise man gave a talk. It was really about how to get success in your life, business, work or relationships. And he used an analogy that really made me go WOW!!! I loved it and am sharing it with you for your reflection.

The analogy that he used came from a story about Michelangelo. He was in the process of creating “David” and a crowd had gathered to watch him. Someone asked how he knew which bit to chip away at and he said ” I chip away at the bits that don’t look like David”.  Watch the video and then reflect below it:

Here’s the thing – he had a vision of what David was going to look and feel like and therefore he could chip away at the bits he knew didn’t look like David

Do you have a vision and feel of what success looks like for you?

If you do, then it will be easy to notice the bits that don’t look like it.

So, I’m curious, what bits of your life do you need to chip away at because they don’t look like what you want? It certainly made me think.

If you know you want to remove bits but don’t know how, get in touch – I’m an expert at helping people remove what they no longer want or isn’t serving them.

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – expert chipper awayer at your service.

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  1. Lesley Carley
    Lesley Carley says:

    Love the chips analogy! I love chips, so I’ll keep chipping away until my vision appears! Thanks Bridget. I do enjoy your videos 🙂


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