Moving Zones – How to do it

Hello – I often talk about the concept of moving zones to my clients and when I give talks. That’s because clients, and those who want to develop themselves personally, find it useful to consider where they are and where they want to be. Gay Hendricks in his book called The Big Leap talks about 4 zones that we go through in our journey towards our zone of excellence or genius. They are:

  • The zone of incompetence
  • The zone of competence
  • The zone of excellence
  • The zone of genius

Have a watch of the video where I talk about the zones and how to move between them.

The 4 limiting things that stop us from moving zones are

  1. Not thinking that we are good enough or not worthy
  2. Success is too hard- would have to give up things to be successful
  3. The thought that people like me don’t do things like this
  4. What will people think if I am successful?

Here’s the thing- the causes of these limiting beliefs are what you have wired into your thinking from events that have happened in the past and how you have been brought up, These causes can be over-ridden and I am here to help you to do that. So here are the conscious ways of overcoming these limitations:

You are good enough – let go of the thoughts that have come from the past and create new thoughts for the future that you want. In general, “I’m not good enough” is something that you can just decide is not true for you and look for evidence that you are good enough. If not, get in touch with me as this can be reversed very quickly using Time Line Therapy (R).

Create your success rather than what other people think is success, Only you can decide what you want in your life. If there are practical issues that stop you, find a way round them if you really want to change.

Step into being who YOU want to be – look for the times when you aren’t being you and when you are and choose which you you prefer and just be you.

Feedback to people around you and if they continue to give you some doubts then move on from them- I call it ditching the mood hoovers or ditching the Ds- get in touch if you want to know more.

If you are finding it difficult moving zones then get in touch with me – I either work 1:1 with people to resolve issues or run NLP training courses where you can resolve these sorts of issues.

In the meantime, keep moving towards who you want to be, doing what you want to be doing and having what you want to have – Life is something that you only live once and I’d like to help you make the most of it!

Dr Bridget – a moving zone expert



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