Suspending Judgement

Suspending Judgement


Suspending judgement is something that people can find tricky and controversial, however if you want to communicate effectively and get really good at using listening and speaking skills, then it is essential.

If you have been watching my videos, been a client or been on a course, then this will be second nature to  you – suspending judgment. You will understand that people have different beliefs, values, experiences and memories which means that they have a different version of reality. Therefore they are doing the best they can with their internal resources and will respond differently and have different behaviours and get different results. Watch the video for a longer explanation:

The inspiration for writing this blog is that I got involved in reading the responses to a FB post about working during holidays and weekends when you are a business owner. I was toally shocked by the strength of views  pro and against the practice and had to stop reading it. It had started some negative chatter for me!

Here’s the thing – if you are in a “good place” with no negative chatter and strong boundaries, why would you want to get involved in others views or judge them or yourself? It decreases your energy and causes self doubt if you feel as though you have to defend your views. You don’t need to justify your own views if you are in a good place.  And this can last a long time and cause sleepless nights and dramas and it just isn’t worth it.

So the things that being non-judgmental give us are are the assumptions that:

  • Everyone has a different view of the world.
  • People are doing the best they can with their available resources
  • People aren’t their behaviours

So – ask yourself whether it would be useful to you to suspend your judgement. Are you judging others and it’s causing you to feel negative?

If you need help to stop the judgement and have a lot of drama around you, then get in touch if you are struggling to sort it out.

Until next week

Dr Bridget- helping you to let stuff go over your head

P.S The next NLP Practitioner course is in September so let me know if you’d like to book on it and live a peaceful and non-judgmental life reaching your full potential.


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