Why Negative Self Chatter is Harmful

Understanding Negative Self-Chatter

Negative Stories

I think that we all have negative chatter to a varying degree- some people have it all of the time and are more aware of it than others. The thing is, however much we have, it affects all of our cells and the expression of our DNA, which in turn affects our health. Apart from our health, if our thinking is full of negatives and it is crowding our head, it can become really difficult to be successful in relationships, work, business and relationships. I remember one client talking about feeling as though she was “knitting fog”.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking I can’t do x,y or z on a regular basis and found it affecting your life? I think  most people have. I recently worked with someone who was at the head of a business where she needed to be seen and didn’t have the confidence to do that. She came to see me because it was affecting her relationships with staff members and her external clients and she felt as though she wasn’t being herself and was “hiding”- her negative chatter was very loud and she couldn’t think about anything else. Of course, we sorted it in a Personal Breakthrough and there is no negative chatter there at all now.

Watch the video and then have a think about your story that is going on in your head. What chatter have you got that relates to your story?

What happens is that we hear or see something around us that causes us to make a decision and we then “wire” that into our thinking. It then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy which as we know, affects our results.

What can we do about it?

  • We can accept that the negative chatter is there
  • We can also accept that the thing that is going on in the present isn’t the same as the original event from the past
  • We can live in the present – meditating and being mindful
  • We can plan for the future – for what we really want

If none of these things work, then contact me to do some Time Line Therapy- this gets rid of all the negative emotions and limiting decisions that stop us from doing things. It is a very quick process and extremely effective. Staying stuck is very uncomfortable and life is for living.

Until next week

Dr Bridget


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