How we become wobbly



I’m not sure if you have thought about how you contribute to you becoming wobbly?  We often think that it is external happenings or people around us that cause us to become wobbly, however, if we accept responsibility ourselves, we then have choices – which would be great wouldn’t it!

Our mind processes things so quickly that we run internal “strategies” (an NLP term) to create results for ourselves. So we see, hear or say something to ourselves that starts off a process which creates a feeling of being wobbly.

Robert Diltz  was the founder of the notion that we can change at a variety of levels and I have expanded that to say that we create wobbliness at a variety of levels as well. Watch the video for an explanation of this and then have a look at the levels below and think about what you could change to get rid of the wobbles.

Here are the levels

  • Environment
  • Behaviour
  • Skills and capabilities
  • Beliefs and Values
  • Identity
  • Purpose

Once you have watched the video and listened to the explanation about the levels, have a think about where you have created the wobbliness and what actions you can take to change yourself to be in charge of your life. Please share this with other wobbly people if you know any- thank you.

If you need some help to do this, then send me a message or book an appointment for a chat with me – my treat!

See you next week and in the meantime, smooth out the wobbles.

Dr Bridget – dewobbling the world, one person at a time

P.S If you want to get rid of your wobbles, an NLP Practitioner course with me is about transforming your beliefs and finding out who  you are and enabling you to do what you want in your world. The next course is coming up soon – find out the dates on the link above.

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