How to get Confidence, Self Belief and Determination by Modelling

Modelling Self Belief, Confidence, and Determination



If you want to be confident, believe in your self and be really determined, then there are many ways to do this. Using NLP is an excellent way  and the whole of NLP is based on modelling experts who were already getting results with clients and patients

One of the quickest ways to get these states or behaviours is to model someone that does this really well. This means finding an expert in those behaviours and then unpicking how they do it at an unconscious level. Have a watch of the video to find out more and then to see how people have modelled the confidence, self belief and determination to break a board in about 1/2 hour.

In order to model someone, you need to be able to elicit their beliefs, values and behaviours at an unconscious level and then instal them in your self so that you can precisely copy what they do.

The Master Practitioner course in NLP has a modelling section within it where people model things such as Playing the Cello, Knitting, French Plaiting and also Playing Golf. The participants are then able to model the Breaking of a Board in about 1/2 hour – you  can see them do that on the video – it’s very impressive and they are very proud! (as are we!)

If you want to know more about modelling, then let me know. If it is a particular issue with confidence, self-belief or determination, then you can either come and work 1:1 with me or can come on an NLP course -either will help sort that out.

Once you have mastered the skills of modelling, simply being taught will know longer be an option!

Until next week,

Dr Bridget, enabling people to break through limitations

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