So You Think You Know Something and then Stuff Happens

Stuff Happens



Hi. I was watching Andrew Marr the other day – a political show on BBC 1 on a Sunday- and he stood up and said “You think you know something and then stuff happens!”  I thought  “That’s deep” and then thought “That applies to our lives as well!” Sometimes our train track in life changes and we think “Wooh – how did that happen?”

So I thought I’d ask you a few  questions:

  • Are you on the right train track or has someone changed the points to put you on a different track?
  • Also – if that has happened, is that ok?
  • Did you have any responsibility at all for the change of track?
  • In fact, how is your track at the moment?

And what do you do when someone changes the points to put you on a different track?

Watch the video and then think about the points below:

The thing is – stuff happens to test us and our resolve and we can have wobbles as a result!

The important things to remember are:

Once you have discovered these things and are certain about them, then whatever track you are on, you will be fine. And if others are on a different track, give them a wave and wish them well. It’s your track and the most important thing is to be happy with it.

If you have any problems discovering these things, or are on a track that doesn’t make you happy, then let me know and book an appointment to talk it through – it’s free.

Until next time,

Dr Bridget – helping you find  your track

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