What Skills are you Lacking?

What Skills are you Lacking?


There are many sorts of skills that we think we need, which include practical, thinking and communication skills. Of course,within the NLP presuppositions, there is also an assumption that we already have all of the skills that we need within us. We may of course have forgotten about them or disregarded them or not believe that we have them. And also people feel as though they have not enough of them leading to imposter syndrome, or that they aren’t good enough or they are not perfect enough, or it’s not the right time.

Watch the video and  read about how to get the skills below:

  • Practical skills have often been learned and forgotten and may be sitting in a folder or book or manual on the shelf where you have forgotten about them. Perhaps you could go through your shelf and resurrect them?
  • Thinking – people often have limiting beliefs that they think are true and limit their results in business, life and relationships. These are easily sorted – just get in touch. Our thoughts usually work really effectively for us if we face the future. What I mean by this is to go for what you want rather than moving away from what we don’t want. An example of this would be wanting success rather than not wanting failure. The ability to create positive states and bring them up when needed is also huge – this is called anchoring and is taught on my NLP Practitioner course. this means that you can bring up confidence, determination, strength and many other emotions just when you need them – so useful!
  • Communication. The meaning of your communication is the result that you get. So if you are not getting the resuts that you want and are not getting into rapport with others, you need to develop flexibility. This is gained by truly understanding how we communicate and how to increase flexibility in how we use language. Also noticing the communication that you get from others and being able to analyse and work with that communication is a key skill.

So you have your goals, what else do you need?

Let me know if you need help to get these skills, particularly those which are emotional or thinking or related to communication. It’s what I’m all about.

Until next week – keep on learning!

See you then.

Dr Bridget, giving you skills for life


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