What Distractions are Stopping You?



I’m curious – do you have any distractions that are stopping you doing what you want to do – that are stopping you living your life, from running your business or your furthering your career?

I was reading a Daniel Pink article about mobile phones recently – he recommended  using it as a tool only  and also – here’s a good tip-  leaving your phone with your keys so that its not always with you and only used when really  needed. And it started me thinking about what else could be distracting us?

Watch the video below and then read the sorts of things that may be distracting you underneath the video

Is there anything in  your environment that distracts you? – mess ( hold my hands up to this one) , phones, people, reminders, dogs?

How about your behaviour? – I think we can all start doing things that we know are a distraction but we just enjoy doing them. An example for me would be to look down by the river and see the sun and go and sit down there on the bench – I think I put it down to  looking after myself, but if I was honest, it’s probably also because there’s things to do that I don’t want to do at the time.

Being aware of your behaviour and other’s behaviours is very important. I always remember a friend who’s partner drove her to distraction – he would make a point of coming into the room when she was writing and no amount of locks or instructions on paper stuck on the door would stop him. And she made choices and he’s now gone.

Sometimes I talk to people that think they don’t have the skills they need, so they concentrate on that rather than the ones that they do have. We often have been on courses or have books or simply have told ourselves we don’t have the skills we need- when we really do. And things don’t need to be perfect!

Beliefs can be distracting and give us loads of negative chatter – I’m not good enough, I’ve got to keep others happy, If its not perfect I can’t use it, I’m not worthy and so on……….

Once we know what’s important to us – our values – living in line with them is important because when we aren’t then we don’t feel happy and  get distracted.

Not being who we want to be at an identity level is very distracting as we tend to feel rubbish a lot of the time.

How about doing a task together?

Notice one thing that you REALLY want to do. Then decide if you have any distractions that are stopping you from doing it and do something about the distractions.

Let me know how that goes in the comments.

If you can’t do something about it, let me know, as un-useful habits and thinking are easily sorted on either courses of which there are 4 a year

or also by working one to one with me.

Until next week

Dr Bridget – keeping those distractions away

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