It’s OK to Be Vulnerable – do you agree?

It’s OK to be vulnerable



I’ve recently been reading Brenee Browns “Daring Greatly” and its been a bit of an emotional journey for me. I think that people, including myself, have run patterns of not showing up as themselves throughout their life. Being vulnerable is about saying what we think even though that exposes us.

Are you OK with that?

For yourself?

Watch the video below where I talk about my own journey and have a think about how it relates to you.

I think that we learn lessons throughout our life and, while I thought I was showing up as me, I think that I’m not quite there. And I’m happy to say that out loud and on paper. And make changes. In some ways its my fault, because I’ve been so busy running my thought patterns throughout my life and people have not seen the real me, but NOW IS THE TIME!

The time to be 100% me and surround myself with people who are happy with that.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you run thought and feeling patterns that stop you from living your life at 100%
  • Would showing up 100% be good for your business, your life, your relationships?
  • Do you need help to do this?

If you need help, I work with people to let go of any beliefs that you may have that stop you from living  your life at 100%

Just get in touch with me to start that conversation with a free chat.

If you work with people that want to live their life to the full and want to have some very quick and effective tools that help them, have a look at my NLP courses. Having been a GP for 24 years of my life, NLP is the most effective tool for changing mindsets that I have come across.

Until next week,

Dr Bridget, Helping you live your life in the way that you want to.


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