Mirror Neurons – How they Help us Understand Others

Mirror Neurons

I teach a lot of people about sensory acuity and rapport on my NLP courses and I was really interested to learn about mirror neurones. When they fire we can get an inkling of what is going on in someones thoughts and feelings.

Watch the video below for an explanation of this:

Mirror neurons exist in Brocas area of our brain and they fire when we perform an action and we see others performing the same action.

So, if we reverse that, what we feel may well be coming from the other person who is doing the same thing. This enables us to have an idea of what the other person is feeling and creates empathy and rapport.

It may be the basis for imitation that people do of others . For example if we see someone stub their toe, we tend to almost feel that pain and pull a face. We tend to mimic others actions and feel the same thing as them.

So let’s notice peoples behaviours. I expect we are all aware that if we smile at people they tend to smile back. And if someone is angry about something, we can feel angry too.

If you feel something when you are with someone that may well be coming from them – you could ask and see if this is the case.

I don’t pretend to be an expert in this field but it was interesting enough to share with you. I am going to continue my research and would be interested in your opinions on this.

The courses that I run teach people about rapport and noticing other people’s response to their internal dialogue, which helps with rapport and the understanding of themselves and others.

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Until next week, have a think about this topic and adapt your behaviour and see what affect it has on others

Dr Bridget – helping you understand yourself and others



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