Being Authentic and Real – Why wouldn’t you?

Being Authentic and Real


Being me

Now, people often roll their eyes when they hear the word authentic, as it seems to be a buzz word that “everyone” uses. Its SOOO important though, because if you are being  the real you, then business, life and relationships-once you’ve found the right ones – are fulfilling and you will be happy.

What do you think?

The meaning of the word authentic is that what is real for you inside yourself, is translated to external behaviours and actions. So whatever are your values, beliefs and thoughts are, they become actions. And this may not always be what other people are happy with – after all, we all have a different model of the world, a different perspective. So it does take some bravery to be authentic when you have not been before.

Watch the video and think about whether you are being authentic or not?

I specifically work with people who feel stuck and they often aske themselves “Who am I?” or feel lost or don’t like themselves. This may mean that their behaviours, while authentic because they match their internal world, are not what they want.

So have a think about who you want to be, find yourself and like yourself and then make sure that your actions reflect those things. If you are having challenges being yourself for any of these reasons, or are surrounded by people who don’t like you being you, then get in touch with me as we can sort this out very quickly.

Remeber to tell people who are used to you behaving in a way that’s “not you”. After all, they might be a bit confused when you are suddenly the real you.

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – keeping you real!

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