Being Yourself – how to do it

Are You Being Authentic – being yourself?

Be Yourself

Be You!

Sometimes we surround ourselves with people or situations where we feel uncomfortable and, if we thought about it, maybe we don’t feel that we can be ourself!  Has that happened to you?

I think that it is so important to be who we are , with our values and beliefs and the ability to stand up and say- this is me!

Watch the video below where I talk about this and then have a read of the tips below and reflect on your life and your surroundings and whether you are being you or not

Test these TIPS out

Reflect on your last week or month.

Have you ever felt really uncomfortable and that you have lost yourself and find yourself doing negative thoughts and emotions?

Have you a rough idea of the proportion of time that you are being authentic compared to not being authentic? If not, ask yourself for a guestimate. Journal about it and give it a percentage. Be honest with yourself!

Then have a think about what you could do about that – do you need to change your surroundings or the people that you associate with?

There’s a section in my book about how to “sort out the people you surround yourself with” and that can be purchased on amazon here 

If you’d like to talk to me give me a call on 01656 347027 or 07973 635102 or contact me via this web page.

See you next week

Dr Bridget- helping you be yourself and enjoy it!


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