Is Accountability Useful?

Is Accountability Useful?



Having run many mastermind groups where people in business come together to reach their goals, accountability has always been a key component of them. My recent one, called STRETCH, is an on-going mastermind where we discuss issues such as mindset for success. Accountability is one of the issues we’ve discussed recently and I’m gradually changing my mind about who is the best person to hold us accountable- I thought I’d discuss it with you here:

Have a watch of the video and then read more of my thoughts below.

Over the years, I’ve become much more aware of my thoughts, behaviours and actions – as an NLP Trainer, I would hope so – and I’ve come to the conclusion that we are the only people that can hold ourselves truly accountable. I was talking to a client recently about procrastination and she came to the same conclusion – that it was awareness followed by a choice. And the choice was related to her goals and her values. If sometimes she chose to ignore her direction and did something that was unhelpful to her, then as long as it is  a choice, then that’s fine. The challenge comes when our “wiring” creates a strong negative internal chatter that over-rides our conscious wishes which can create detrimental behaviour and results.

If we want to be the best person we can be, then we are abdicating responsibility if we ask someone else to hold us responsible. A great example from my own life is that I expect my husband to buy and cook food that I’ve asked him to cook, to help me lose weight and be healthy (I know – I’m really lucky). When he doesn’t do this, I then blame him. However it is my responsibility to take action and therefore I’ve started buying and cooking my own food so that I am totally responsible. Now, I’m thinking about my goals and listening to my internal chatter which is saying “You’ve worked really hard – have a treat” and choosing what to do.

So, have a think of a couple of areas of your life where you want different results and take full responsibility for getting them. This could be your family and friends, your work or business, your finances or your health. Just choose a couple of things and start to make some small changes and be accountable to yourself.

Have some goals for that area of your life, listen to the voice that is attempting to sabotage your success and simply choose what to do.

I’ll let you know how I’m getting on in a few weeks time.

Let me know if you have any problems with this –  I do free surgery sessions where you can talk things through with me – sometimes there may be some root cause or issue that you also need to deal with and I can help you do that! Here’s a link to the contact page. 

Until next week –

Dr Bridget – keeping a close eye on myself

P.S Here’s the latest video from our NLP Practitioner course and a link to the content of the course

It’s life-changing!

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