The Effects of Isolation

How does Isolation affect you?


People get isolated for many reasons and there are a couple of reasons for writing this blog:

  1.  As a business owner, its really easy to get isolated and not see anyone other than clients or customers, and that can affect our mood and productivity.  It can also apply to parents, people who are splitting up , people in work, the elderley and many other scenarios.
  2. I am sponsoring The Men’s Shed in Caerau to help them get the word out there that people feel isolated and that they can help.  Isolation affects people’s mental health and physical health and I want to help.

There are many causes for isolation so have a watch of the video and then I’ll talk about some of the reasons below. If you want to get in touch with me as this is acute for you at the moment, click here.

Sometimes, our circumstance and environment can be such that we feel isolated. Particularly when we run a business, we often don’t see people and networking helps this. Maybe we have lost a partner or spouse or the kids have moved on and we sit on our own wondering what to do. Our environment is unhelpful.

Often our beliefs mean that we push people away – maybe we think we are a nuisance or no-one likes us, or that other people matter more than us or that we don’t count. This can all be changed very quickly using NLP.

Maybe we feel as though we’ve lost ourself or our sense of purpose and we end up going in a downward spiral and become isolated even more. I specialise in creating upward spirals to happiness and purpose so that you can enjoy the rest of your life.

Becoming connected is key for mental and physical health  and if you are feeling as though you are getting in your own way of doing this,  or you have limiting beliefs that you’d like to change, then get in touch to have a free chat with me and find out what can be done to help.

Until next week

Dr Bridget- connecting people for happiness

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