Is Painting by Numbers useful?

Painting by Numbers – Is there a plan like this?

Painting by NumbersDid you used to make models or do painting by numbers when  you were little – or may be you still do? I’ve just noticed that you can get painting by numbers for adults!!! EXCITING

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is based on modeling. It has come from unpicking the values, beliefs and strategies that excellent therapists have and installing it in ourselves to create tools and attitudes that work.

I was working with a breakthrough client who was getting in his own way and wanted a million pound business to sell on. He told me that “There is no such thing as a painting by numbers plan”. So I thought about it and we both felt that that was a limiting belief which we then removed. But it started me thinking- which is always interesting!

Watch the video and have a think about the questions below it.

If you think about a painting by numbers kit, there is a picture of the final result on the outside, there is a key – or a set of instructions – that tell us what to do and in what order and a set of brushes to do it with – right? And if we follow it then we will get the same picture that is on the outside

I think that some of us are guilty of knowing what works and then doing something else, so what if we simply followed the plan that worked before and expected to get the same result?

That would be fab wouldn’t it?

So have a think – Is there something that you have done in the past that has worked really well? And could you follow the same steps in the same order again to get the same result?

Create a Painting by Numbers plan?

Let me know and have fun thinking – it’s probably right there in front of you!

Let me know if you need to breakthrough your limitations so that you can do painting by numbers plans! Here’s my contact me page and here’s my breakthrough coaching information page

Until next week,

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