A Christmas Message and Review of Your Year

A tool to review your year (and a Christmas song)

Happy Christmas – and Nadolig Llawen – That’s Welsh

Review of the Year

Review of the Year

I want to thank all of you who have been clients or have watched my videos over the last year! It’s been fun! And whatever you are doing over the next 2 weeks, make the most of it!

Today I have an offer for you and a tool to review your  year. The basis of the tool is using neurological levels (a Robert Dilts tool) It is also based on what went well and what went less well

Watch the video and then work through the levels and think about what action you would like to take to make next year even better!

Click on this link to get the review tool Review of the year


  • Environment – what’s surrounding you – things and people. Do you need to change your environment?
  • Behaviour – what so you want do more of and less of?
  • Capabilities and skills – what have you used that worked well and what have you forgotten about or need to refine?
  • Values – what motivates you and are you “ticking” your values?  Here’s a link to elicit your values from a chapter in my book. Make sure that you are ticking your values rather than those of other people
  • Beliefs – are your beliefs empowering or limiting – what can you do to make sure they are empowering for next year?
  • Identity – who are you – are you showing up as yourself or not?
  • Purpose – what are you on the planet for – do you know? My purpose is to enjoy every minute of my life and that’s whay I work with you all as I enjoy it and it’s making a huge difference to both mine and others’s life.

Offer – If you are struggling I will do a one hour coaching session with you to talk about your review of the year – go to my contact page and fill in the form or book an appointment.

I hope you enjoyed the song on the video – thats me being me! It seemed appropriate as I’m the Chief Unsticker.

If you are stuck or know someone who is stuck get in touch so that next year is totally what you want it to be.

Until next week

Dr Bridget – helping  you review your potential



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