How Isolation Affects Us in Life and in Business

The Effects of Isolation



Hello – I’m guessing we have all felt isolated at times and that maybe you have noticed the effect it has had on your mental or physical health. I’ve been doing some work with the Men’s Shed Cymru recently and we had some fun in a workshop and also filming to raise awareness. It’s an organisation that helps men who are isolated by giving them a community and activities. Isolation is a very real problem in life and in business and recognising how we contribute to that feeling of isolationthrough our beliefs is vital.

Watch the video and reflect on whether you or someone you know feels isolated and let me know if I can help.

Sometimes we believe that we will be a nuisance or that we can’t ask for help or that no-one will want to help or speak to us. And that the starts a downward spiral where we hide away and become miserable.

The key thing is to notice any isolation and do something about it. Whether it is an organisation such as the Men’s Shed or other organisations which are relevant to your specific circumstances, get in touch with them. I go networking which helps my business grow and also gives me human interaction which is important to me. So, get some people around you that you can talk to and you will find out who is there when you need help.

And of course, I am always here and if you are struggling to find support, let me know and we can have a call to offer some solutions.

If you are in business, I run a weekly Mastermind group on-line called STRETCH which is supportive and enables you to grow and have support.

In the meantime, see you next week

Dr Bridget, removing the isolation – and maybe getting a higher chair to do the next video?



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