Using lessons from the past to create your future


Use your past

Over the last year I have been running a Mastermind group called STRETCH which has been set up to support clients, ex-clients and anyone who wants to develop a mindset for success in their business and life. Last week we looked at what we can use from last year – good and challenging – that we want to take forward into next year’s goals. To learn from them and to repeat the good things and avoid the challenging ones.

Watch the video below and then work through the process below.

So let’s choose 4 big good things  and 4 challenging things. Here are a couple of my own examples

Good things from last year. I am someone that takes action and last year I asked a business manager to support my business. That gave me focus and structure and processes which I certainly need going forward. That will help me help more people. So action taking me towards my goals will be something I take forward into next year and also support from others.

Less useful things from last year are that I am disorganised. This means that I don’t reach my goals effectively and its an ongoing challenge. It covers paper work, time management and has a knock on effect on my work life balance as well. So my learning from this is that I need to use a planner and I need help to get organised.

Maybe you have negatives in your head that make your challenges difficult to resolve and in fact are possibly the cause of your challenges. Recognise them and resolve them and let me know if you need help. Getting negatives out of your head is my main skill set, whether that is working one to one with you or giving you reprogramming skills on my NLP courses.

Until next week

Dr Bridget- helping you notice what to change,

P.S. I have spaces for 2 breakthroughs this month so get in touch of you feel stuck or are self-sabotaging.

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