How Do We Know That We are Self Sabotaging?

Are you Self Sabotaging?

How would you know?

Does your mind sometimes feel a bit like a river out of control? In the video I’m sitting next to one that has become very high in the floods – in fact we had to rescue our chickens from the rising waters. People often tell me they feel as though they are swirling along and also getting stuck in places – underlying rocks. It’s a great metaphor for self sabotaging as well.

My passion is to help people who are self sabotaging as I’ve been there myself and know exactly how it feels. I also know that it is very quick to sort out the root cause of these symptoms. Watch the video and then ask yourself the questions below.


  • Do you have conflicts going on in our head – fights which you can’t resolve and lead to internal chatter?
  • Are you dropping balls and finding it difficult to pick them back up?
  • Do you feel as though you are “knitting fog”?
  • Are you procrastinating?
  • Do you feel not good enough or not worthy or that success isn’t for you?
  • Are you creating illnesses – that’s very easy to do as your thoughts affect all of your cells?
  • Are you picking fights or displaying odd behaviours?
  • Are you feeling sorry for  yourself?

Next week I’m going to tell you what to do about self sabotage – it’s difficult to do consciously as you may have noticed.

You can also access NLP Courses and One to One  Breakthrough coaching by clicking on the links to see what is available and then contacting me.

If you’re feeling like the river and swirling uncomfortably, then get in touch for a free consultation.

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – helping you to flow smoothly through life


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