What Can We Do about Self-sabotage




We are going through some very interesting times with the Corona Virus pandemic and now is exactly the right time to do something about our self-sabotage. When we feel under pressure and unsafe, that’s when our unconscious mind starts to throw out even more of that negative chatter which keeps us stuck

Last week I talked about how we know we are doing self-sabotage and the symptoms of it,  which can be procrastination, hiding, picking arguments, becoming ill and many other symptoms. We waste time not going for what we want and not being who we want to be and, at this time, that is even more important!

Watch the video and then find out what we can do about it underneath:

  • We need to find out what the root cause of the self-sabotage is, so listen to the negative chatter in your head and go back in time to see whan this behaviour started. Its often in childhood.
  • Understand that your unconscious mind is there to protect you from experiencing pain, hurt, fear and other negative emotions again. Just acknowledging that helps enormously.
  • Do some journalling – here’s a link to Dale Darley’s journals. If you don’t want to buy one then get an exercise book and some pens and just start writing or drawing. Getting your thoughts out of  your unconscious mind is really helpful.
  • Start positive behaviours such as self care – make sure that is true self care rather than an excuse to procrastinate and self-sabotage. Find positive people and ask for help if needed
  • Change your patterns of behaviour – using NLP, these can be changed in a very short length of time – from 1/2 hour to 3 hours to do Time Line Therapy

Really consider contacting me to do some Time Line Therapy – it gets rid of negative emotions and limiting thoughts and negative chatter very quickly – Having become very skilled at helping people in this way, I can’t really understand why people would spend many hours talking things through when this, as a content free process, just solves things really comfortably. It almost sounds too good to be true but I’ve worked with many people in business and life who’s lives have been changed by this process – have a look at the testimonials on my breakthrough therapy page.

If you fancy training to become an NLP coach, have a look at my NLP course pages. We also solve all of  your limitations on the course, as well.

Think about where youre going and what you want to be doing and, if you can’t do that, let me know as the solution is easy

Until next week

Dr Bridget – helping you to live the life you want


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