Taking Control in a Crisis

Taking Control in a Crisis

Introduction to Taking Control in a Crisis

If you understand how you get results and then make changes, adversity becomes an opportunity to get the resuts that you want.


Part 1 – Understanding how you get results


This video talks about how you get results, whether that is in times of crisis or other times. Its fascinating to understand the process that we all go through to get results.


Part 2 – Dealing with Acute Fear


In a crisis, people often have acute negative emotions that don’t help. Here are some tips to overcome those emotions during a crisis.


Part 3 – Dealing with Uncertainties


The changes that happen during an acute crisis create uncertainty and Dr Bridget talks about how to deal with these changes and create certainty within the uncertainty.


Part 4 – Taking Control

This video is about taking control. Creating structure and boundaries and having plans will help. We can control a variety of things that are central to us and can’t control things external to us. We can decide what we can start, what we can change and what we can stop.



Part 5 – I Can’t Focus


Many people that I’ve spoken to are suffering from a lack of focus. In a crisis there are many things that distract us. If our unconscious mind doesn’t have clear direction, then anxiety is created. This video also gives some tools to create clarity and focus.


Part 6 – Creating a Plan in your Mind


There is a NLP structure for creating a plan that you will get because its so compelling. I give you the tools to do this in today’s video.



Part 7 – Creating a Compelling Outcome or Goal


This video builds on the compelling goal that you created yesterday and puts it into your unconsciosu mind so that you will have that to focus on.



Part 8 – Creating a Great Emotional State


In this video I teach you to anchor great emotional states that you can recall at any time. This will drive your physiology and your behaviour which will get us great results.



If you need some help, schedule a call with me and we can do a free 1/2 hour phone call to find out how I can help you.

If you would lilke to learn more about the fascinating subject of NLP, then here is a link for the courses

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