How to Keep Yourself in a Bubble


Staying in Your Bubble

Staying in Your Bubble

When I was looking up google keywords and phrases for Bubble, I found that it was generally considered negative to keep in a bubble and I thought – Blimey! To me its the same as having strong boundaries and very useful in the Corona Virus Pandemic that we find ourself dealing with. I’m wondering what you think?

I bought a bubble – see photo – in a Royal Horticultural Show a few years ago and sometimes go in there to think, to plan and sometimes to coach. And when I’m in there, it feels safe and peaceful and it’s just me and whatever I create.

Watch the video below and then consider whether you think it’s useful or not. If you find it useful, what do you want to put in it?

I find it’s a great place to just be – whether that’s a pod like this or a bit of the garden or somewhere in the house.

It can be a metaphorical bubbble which encompasses your whole life.


  • What sort of environment would you like to have your bubble in?
    • Would it be peaceful or busy?
    • Inside or outside?
  • What would you like to put in your bubble and why?
    • Books?
    • Journals?
    • The media?
    • Your phone or computer?
    • Anything else?
  • Who would you like to have in your bubble and why?
    • Your supporters?
    • Your positive people?
    • Your mood hoovers? Those who suck your energy out of you. Maybe not?
    • Your family or colleagues

So, you decide – where you want that bubble to be and what and who you want in it – it all comes down to how you want to feel

Let me know.

If you need help to create a safe bubble where you can thrive and live your life to the full, get in touch.

I’ll see you next week when I will still probably be in my bubble – take care and stay safe!

Dr Bridget – keeping you safe

P.S I am running an NLP Practitioner course in May , most of which will be on-line. I’m looking forward to it – if you feel like  joining me and gaining those skills, let me know. Here’s the link.

P.P.S I am now a Master Trainer – there are just a few of us in the UK and I’m really excited to be able to train NLP trainers and great presenters next year. Please stick your congratulations in the comments – I’m  proud of myself.




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