What are the 5 Qualities of a Good Leader

Qualities of a Good Leader


What maks a good leader?

Hi – There are some basic qualities to being a good leader. By leader, I mean in business, in your career or at home – there are times when you want to be inspiring and motivating people – right?

The post has been inspired by having some time to look at my vision for my business and life, and then reflect on whether I am leading people towards my vision or even communicating about it.

Having worked on my own for most of my business life, with people who help me with certain parts, I’m reflecting that I don’t always display the traits that will help me to motivate others to come along with me on the journey. Hence this post – I always learn from what I write about!

Watch the video below and then read about the 5 steps:

These are the 5 steps:

  1. Creating the Vision – I am creating my 3 year vision so that I can talk about it to people – reading The Vision  Driven Leader by Michael Hyatt has helped a lot. I want to enable all people to use NLP to gain skills and reach their potential across the UK –  that is the basis of my vision although its not as clear or detailed as I would like at the moment (watch this space).
  2. Create a Strategy or a plan – Once you have that vision, its important to have a strategy of how you are going to get there. Then you know where to start and what steps to take in what order. It is helpful to work backwards from your vision – starting with the end in mind.
  3. Communicate well – It may be helpful to communicate with others as you go along, but definitely tell people about the vision and then get some help with the strategy. Because people have different models of the world, keep people focused on the why – the vision and gain agreement at that level. Get feedback and reflect with others on your progress. Keep making sure that you are heading for your vision.
  4. Support people – during periods of change, peoples values can change and limitations can start to appear. It’s important to understand your own values and beliefs and those of others. Listen to concerns and have those conversations that show people that you care and are supporting them.
  5. Maintain momentum– I have a strong feeling that my momentum can be a bit up and down. This probably leads to confusion amongst people who are supporting me and probably for me as well. Have reguar meetings and feedback sessions and check that you are moving towards your vision. I am here if you feel stuck and that you can’t do this, simply contact me for a free session for insights into how you get stuck and how I can help you move forward.

So these are the 5 steps and you can apply them to any project. In the video I talk about how to lead a project of growing vegetables – I’ll let you know how that goes in a few months time – we are just waiting for the seeds to arrive. (I have everything crossed)

If you’d like to gain extra communication and understanding people skills, my NLP courses are A MUST – here’s a link to the course page.

See you next week and please comment if you have any questions.

Dr Bridget – Inspiring you to lead in many situations



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