How CAN you keep yourself positive?

Positivity- What CAN you do


What Can you do?


I’m a big fan of finding anything that you CAN do to increase your positivity. After all, that creates a great reality, has a great effect on your cells and gets you the behaviour that is useful for you. I decided many years ago, but particularly in these challenging times, that I would refuse – I know it’s a strong word, but that’s how I feel – to buy into negativity in the news or Socia Media or other people’s negative thoughts and create a life that I CAN live which will be uesful to me.

Watch the video and then have a think about possibilities for yourself.

I decide to set a routine, to make some plans, create a vision and then take actions that support those. I realise that I am fortunate to have a large garden and a pension – I know I don’t look old enough – but I strongly feel that everyone can do something to increase their positivity.

I’ve grown some chrysanthemums, planted some seeds, talked to the chickens – see video – and created a space to sit and plan. And it feels peaceful, which I know is a great state to be in.

So my question to you is “What CAN you do?” Focus on that rather than what you can’t and create a positive reality for when we are able to do more things. If you are struggling with what you CAN do, then let me know  on this contact form and let’s have a chat.

Until next week, GO FOR IT!

Dr Bridget – creating positive states in you

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