2 Ways that People Deal with Stress

People deal with stress in very different ways


How we deal with Stress

Hello –  you may have noticed through your life that people deal with stress in different ways. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that there are many filters that we use to create what is real for us at an unconscious level. The one that we are talking about today is called Metaprograms. One of these – there are 18 –  is how we respond to stress.

The 1st way is in a logical way – a thinking and logical way of dealing with what’s going on. They are able to look at the event from the outside. This is how I tend to respond and maybe that’s because of my childhood or because of having been a GP dealing with emergencies or maybe because, as an NLP Master Trainerand Coach, I look for patterns rather than stories.

Others deal with stress in an emotional way and think that everythings overwhelming which is very different – They are “in the event”.

The responses is context dependent- I’ve noticed that I can get quite emotional in a situation that I have taken personally.

Watch the video and then reflect on how you deal with stress below:

So, are you someone who takes a logical approach to stress or someone that is emotional when they are stressed?

Do you know people who respond in a different way and wonder why?

Who would you find it most useful to be with in a crisis?

Let me know and if you want to know more about how different people are, then think about coming n an NLP Practitioner course – here’s the link to have a look.

If you are stressed by anything at the moment, get in touch as I will do a free session with you to find out how you respond, whether it works for you and what the root cause is for you reaction style.

 Until next week-

Dr Bridget – destressing your life


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