10 People That You Can Support Right Now

Who are these people that you can support?



Hello – We need or like to have support at the best of times and in these challenging times where there is a lot of uncertainty, it’s even more important to be clear about who these people are who you can support and vice versa. While this is a great marketing idea- thanks to Ian Dixon for this – it also applies to our social circles as well. Watch the video and then work out who your 10 people are.

So who are the 5 people who you support and they support you? Let them know that they are one of your 5. Make sure that they are unconditionally a supporter of yours as you are of them. You’ll know what’s important to you.


Then think about who you would like to support now so that they become your supporters at the end of the period that is challenging. From a business marketing perspective, like their posts, have calls with them and do some research on them so that you are sure they are the people that you want to support. This also applies to our social circles as well. Maybe you’ve noticed people who seem to be those who are role models, potential clients, potential suppliers or all round good eggs. You’d like to get to know them at the moment and maybe do some other interactions with them in the future. Write down those 5 people and don’t tell them. Then, once you have got to know them and have developed that relationship, you can tell them that you’d like to work or socialise with them. Write them down on a list.

If you’d like me to be one of your supporters, there are plenty of places that you can follow me, or simply put your hand up and ask me how I can support you. 07973 635102 or contact me

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Dr Bridget, helping you wherever I can.

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