5 Principles for Success

Principles for Success

Principles for Success

Success Principles

I’m guessing – a bit of a mind read- that you may have your own principles for success and I’m wondering if they are the same as mine or not? Do let me know.

Have a watch of the video and then think about what you could or want to work on OR  congratulate yourself on a Great Job!

Each principle of success is one that I review every week and take some action on:

  • Know our outcome – so get a goal that you are motivated by , that is something that  you can start and keep going on your own and find a way of remembering that every day.
  • Take action – I recently did a review of “The Sausage Machine” in my closed FB group called One Step Closer . (Courtesy of Richard Wilkins – the Minister of Inspiration). Here’s the link to join. Its based on the premise that if you want a beef sausage, you have to put the right ingredients in – i.e. beef . A lot of people spend their time waiting for something to happen and don’t take the right action to create the sausage.  If you have limiting beliefs about your self or others, then it becomes difficult to create what you want by taking action.
  • Having sensory acuity – this is where you notice small changes in your physiology or other’s physiology. An example of that would be flushing or drooping your shoulders or a change in the size of other’s pupils or their skin tone. I expect you’ve had times when something has happened and you notice a change in yourself. Notice these changes and ask  yourself what they could mean. For yourself, its relatively easy to find the cause. In others, it may be a mind read. For example, flushing of the skin can be embarrassment or excitement or a hot flush. Unless we ask, we won’t know. I feel a blog coming on that goes into this in more depth.
  • Behavioural flexibility – this is one of the presuppositions of NLP – The person who has the most flexibility is in charge of of the system. So if we are heading for our goals and we notice, through monitoring our results or noticing small changes in our physiology, that we are off track, then change what you are doing.
  • Operating from an excellent psychological and physiological base –I am currently working on having excellence in my physiology – increasing my fitness and reducing my weight. I feel as though I have a good psychological base, however my resilience can fluctuate and when it does, I look at the reasons for this and take some action.

Are you doing all of these?

Is there anything that you  need to work on?

Can I help?

If your internal chatter or negative beliefs are getting in the way, fill in the form here to talk to me

Dr Bridget – Helping you to be successful


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