Is Sympathy a Good Thing or Not?


Sympathy or action?

Is sympathy always useful?

A bit of a controversial post which you may not all agree with. I’m asking the question “Is it always useful to keep people stuck in a an emotion or does solving the problem sometimes serve that person better?

I was reading a post by someone recently on Social Media recently and they had shown up as being a bit miserable and had posted to get some solutions. All they got was sympathy and eventually they said, “I’m not looking for sympathy”. They were looking for ways of getting out of that emotional state.

Have a watch of the video and let me know what you think. Sympathy or Solutions or a Mix of both?

The definition of Sympathy is “Feeling sorry for someone in a particular scenario” Which we all do at times. Do you think that it is always useful for people to be shown sympathy without any solutions being offered?

I’ve been brought up to get on with things and now, as an NLP Master Trainer and Breakthrough specialist, I help people to get rid of negativity and see the solutions and move on in their life, business or career. Often you notice people running the same patterns in their thinking, their emotions and their behaviour. They want certain results but can’t get them and then people offer sympathy rather than helping them to change the patterns to get different results.

What do you think?

If you are someone who want to help others in a practical way, then NLP training is for you. Here’s the link to have a look. If you are someone that wants to take charge of their life so that you have your  own solutions and are free and fulfilled, then let me know here and we can have a talk about what solutions I can help you with.

Until next week

Dr Bridget – offering you solutions rather than sympathy

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