How to Avoid the Fundamental Attribution error

The Fundamental Attribution Error


Attribution Error

Bit of a mouthful, isn’t it and I’m thinking that you will want to know more.

65% of people judge others from their behaviour and think that the behaviour is their personality and identity. We may have an idea of our personality and identity but we don’t have any idea of others’ identity and personality from their behaviour. And we don’t know their environmental factors either.

Watch the video and have a think about whether you are judging other people in error or not.

Here’s the thing! Your brain is only using a small amount of information to make this judgement. It can only analyse their behaviour, not the personality or the identity.

Our behaviour comes from our memories and experiences, our values, our decisions and beliefs plus  our metaprogrammes and how we interpret our space, and time. However all we can see is their behaviour so we make errors of judgement. We can’t get inside their programming or their neurology as we cant get into their head.

There is often also an environmental influence which leads to a behaviour – stress, other people, the weather and many more things.


Instead, think of 5 positive qualities the person has that you have seen before and concentrate on them rather than the transient behaviour. You will then see past their behaviour.

If you want to know more, then come on an NLP course. It will enhance your skills in interacting with other people and yourself. It will enable your coaching skills to improve in order to understand both your personality and that of other people. Here’s the link to find out more. Have a read and go to the contact page to speak to me.

See you next week.

Dr Bridget – enabling you to understand others


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