Do You Know How your Values are Changing?

Are your Values changing?


Have your values changed?

I expect you have been trundling along through life in a relatively stable manner and have suddenly found that you have changed. This is because we have been in a crisis where our behaviour has been changed by the presence of the virus and the rules that we have been given to work with. To be honest I think we have had a shock and we need to review our motivators for our life and business.

Our motivators are at an unconscious level and are called values. They are surrounded by beliefs which support the existence of the values. So if our beliefs change , then they change.

Have a watch of the video and I’ll explain more below it:

Our values drive our behaviours and also our emotions. If we are heading for our goal and our values change, then it’s possible that you won’t get your goals. Also if they have changed then maybe we need different goals. They are interlinked.

You may never have elicited your values formally before so I’ve given you a tool to do this which you can access here. Remember that they will be different for different parts of your life. For instance, what’s important to you about your business will be different to whats important to you about your leisure time.

Once you have elicited them, have a think about whether they are useful for your goals or not.

Also have a think about whether your current environment and beliefs have changed your values.

You may think its a good idea to talk to me about this really important topic and if so contact me here

Until next week

Dr Bridget – Motivating you to achieve your goals

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