How to Make Sure You Get your Goals – Part 1

How to Make Sure You Get your Goals – Part 1

How to Make sure

Automatic Pilot

We all have destinations that we want to go to – especially now lock down is easing! Goals for our business, a new business , a different business maybe?

Or maybe something in our life – experiences, challenges, places to go, people to meet, jobs to get?

Here’s the thing – most people just dream about these goals and hope or try to get them. They don’t know that there is a specific method to  make sure that you get them. This is part 1 of how to make sure you get them.

Its the equivalent of flying to a destination on automatic pilot where you know you are going to get there – or a bit of trial and error on manual and a lot of just hoping.

IN 1981, George T Doran introduced the concept of SMART goals as a way to enable the management in organisations to write their goals. This has been improved using the NLP Compelling Outcome Model which uses the brains sensory preferences to make goals really compelling.

Watch the video below and then read the steps below to put the goal into your unconscious mind.

Let’s start by adding to the old SMART model to make it really compelling

S = Specific and Simple

Specific in terms of putting specific details down. How much money, what does your new relationship partner look like, how many people are in your team and so on. Also specific in terms of what you can see, hear, feel and say to your self.

M= Measurable and Meaningful

Knowing where you are now and where you are going and how you will measure your progress and know when you get there. Also making it something that you really really want – that has meaning in your life

A = Achievable and All of your Life

The goal or outcome needs to be something that you can achieve, once you have removed all of the obstacles in your way ( if there are any). It also needs to be a rounded and all of your life goal. What’s happening with your family, your friends, your work, your health and fitness, your leisure time and so on.

R = Realistic and Ecological

Make sure that your goal is realistic – I know that you all know whether your goal is realistic – whether you can have a turnover of x or y, or that you will have a career rise, or meet the love of your life.

Its magic wand thinking that you know is possible.

Ecological means that you have checked that it is  OK in your world. Sometimes people set goals that they really don’t want and know that they don’t want but still set them – that’s a no no for goals.

T = Timed and Towards

The time that you are going to get the goal is important. Your unconscious mind  needs to have this as an automatic pilot concept. The goal also needs to be what you want rather than what you don’t want. An example of this would be – “I am setting up a Community Interest Company” rather than “I don’t want to just keep my current company” A toward goal rather than an away from goal.

Once you have written down your goal – it should be a good page of writing – then ask yourself:

“When I think of this (the goal) do I have a  picture?

A representation of the goal should pop into your head. When I think of my C.I.C. , I see a picture of people chatting in my newly installed training and coaching room in my garden  and its really sunny and everyone is happy.

Once you have that picture, make it really compelling by adjusting the colours, the focus and the brightness. Make sure that you are looking through your own eyes rather than at yourself in the picture. Turn any sounds up or down and turn up the positive feelings that are attached to the picture. When you have done all of that, then count to 3 and click your fingers to seal that picture in.

Then whenever you think of that goal or outcome the picture will pop back in and your unconscious mind will help you to achieve it – that automatic pilot.

Have fun creating that goal that you really want and let me know if you are having any doubts – I do a free session to explore any obstacles that  you are putting in your way.

Further information on setting goals or outcomes in this way is available in my course – Mindset for Business Success – which can be found here and is on offer at the moment

Check out PART 2 of How to Make Sure You Get your Goals

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – flying you wherever you want to go.



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