How to Tell when You’re Not Motivated

Are you Motivated?


Are you motivated?

Hello – it’s really important to be motivated and to notice when your motivation goes down. It’s also really important to notice when others aren’t motivated as well. And the reasons for this are that if you are interacting with others about sales, about your services or simply wanting to engage fully with others, then a lack of motivation affects that interaction. You are less likely to be in rapport.

Have a watch of the video and have a think as you go about your life – become self aware.

The three main things that you will notice are:

Your Physiology. If you’re suffering with a lack of motivation, maybe your posture will be a bit slumped or closed and you will just notice that lack of motivation via your body language.

Your tone. If  you have a lack of motivation, your tone will be flat or something different from your normal motivated self

The words that you use. Words that go with lack of motivation are things like try, hope, maybe, sometime, wish and anything that gives away of lack of focus or consistency or belief.

In my experience of working with hundreds of people, it’s easy to spot and then becomes part of your toolkit for success in life and business.

If you are finding that you are not motivated, then ask yourself whether you have goals, whether you are taking action and whether you are aligned with what you are doing in terms of  your values and beliefs and your purpose and identity. The times that I have felt unmotivated are those times where I’m not having fun or looking after myself – 2 of my top 4 values for business.

If you aren’t motivated, then book a consultation call with me and we can have a chat about what’s going on and how we can sort it out so that you are automatically motivated.

Until next week, Dr Bridget – motivating you to get what you want.



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