Do You Really Need Stress to Motivate yourself?

Do you Really Need Stress to Motivate yourself?


Change your motivators

I’ve done a lot of personal development over the last 10 years and therefore don’t tend to do stress very often. In fact, I’m not really sure how to define it. I looked it up the other day and it said that it’s the body’s response to perceived danger or pressure. So adrenaline and other hormones get released and you get symptoms from this – anxiety, overwhelm, not sleeping and “stuckness” being some of them.

Here’s the thing – everyone’s got a different model for it!

I hear people say,

  • “I’m really stressed, the TV’s playing up”
  • “I’ve lost my job, so I’m looking forward to the opportunities to change direction”
  • “I need stress to get me moving – to motivate me” Really????

Watch the video to find out how people think they need this for motivation,  and how to use other things to motivate yourself.

Is this you?

You’re motivated by the thing that  you don’t want. You  are facing “stress” and saying to yourself – I really don’t want that! If I focus on what I don’t want, I’ll get what I do want! – It doesnt really make sense , does it? The solution is to move towards  what you do want –  goals and what’s important to you you? Then the stress becomes  irrelevant because your goals and your values are more important?

Apart from the effect on the body of the hormones that affect all of your cells, it’s not a comfortable place to be in.

So turn yourself around and face the possibilities and the goals and motivate yourself by doing that.

NLP is an amazing way to change what you are motivated by and to  get rid of negatives very quickly.

If you’re having problems doing that, then get in touch by clicking here and we can have a chat to resolve this.

Time Line Therapy (R)  is an amazing way to get motivation and to get rid of negatives and only takes a couple of hours. It’s the reason that I’m working – life changing for people.

Until next week

Dr Bridget – helping you face positives


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