Your Cells are Listening

Change your Thoughts and Emotions to Get Healthy Cells

ICells‘ve recently worked with a business owner who had chronic pain for over 4o years. It was affecting his business, his health and his relationships. When I saw him, it was obvious that he had been unhappy for this length of time and that all of his attention was focused on fighting against his emotions and his subsequent illnesses.

Having been a GP for 24 years, the skills that I have now as an NLP Master trainer and  coach far outweigh my previous skills of giving tablets and referring to talking therapies

Watch the video to find out more and think about whether negativity is affecting your  health and your life – maybe you haven’t even noticed that you are negative?

When I was a GP, I knew there must be a better way of helping people who were almost creating their own illnesses and stress. And I saw a lot of people who had chronic pain. Here’s the thing:

  • Our cells are listening to all of our thoughts and emotions
  • All of our cells are connected to our nerves and our neuro-hormones
  • The expression of our DNA is affected by our thoughts and feelings
  • All of our memories are present in all of our cells

On the news recently, there’s been a suggestion that doctors should stop prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs and  refer people to remove their stress instead. Of course, I agree, apart from the lack of people to refer to and the lack of understanding of doctors about how to help.

I feel as though I’m in an ideal position to help as a former GP and now a NLP master Trainer and coach.

Wouldn’t it be better for the whole of your life to remove the negatives and become happy healthy and fulfilled?

If you, or someone  you know has chronic pain, get in  touch with me so that I can help you too have a healthy body and a purposeful life without stress.

We can either do this by 1:1 work or  by NLP training – the whole mind body connection is fascinating.

See you next week

Dr Bridget- healing you and keeping you healthy



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