Nothing Personal, or is it?

Are you taking this in a personal way?


It’s not personal

As always, I’d love to help you.

During the lock down, people have made some huge personal changes and have asked themselves whether they are in charge of their lives or not. How about you?

        • Have you been made redundant?
        • Are you changing roles?
        •  Are you working from home?
        • Can you travel?
        • Are you seeing the people you love?

The main way that I can help you is to help you to become in charge of your life.

Watch the video and have a think about whether you are in charge of your future or are you blaming other people?

When there is chaos, we tend to blame the government, the education system, our family, the doctors and many other people. And we get focused on blaming others

However , it’s down to you to say- that’s what I want.

There are several options:

  • You can face the future and say – That’s what I want and head for it with determination
  • You can say I don’t want that and gradually get dragged backwards
  • You can feel stuck because you want this and you don’t want that – a conflict

Which of these do you do?

I’d love to help you move towards what you want, but if your mindset makes that impossible, then get in touch so that we can turn you around.

Once you are in charge of your life and are facing forwards, you will fiind opportunities arise out of adversity.

If you live in Wales and have been made redundant, then let me know as you can undertake one of my courses to get extra skills and a job where you can make a real  difference. With ReAct funding.

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – making sure you are facing the right way

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