Why We Don’t Delegate

Do you Delegate?


Grow a Pear

Two things prompted me to write this post this week.

  1. I was listening to someone else’s blog recently that said – We do more and more things ourselves until we realise that we are just rubbish at doing them- I thought – Yep- That’s me.
  2. I’ve finally delegated most of my administrative tasks to my Business Development/Admin Manager and it’s been life changing I must say. Why did I wait so long? It’s almost as though I’ve now cleared space for growth and also a work life balance.

Watch the video and see if any of these reasons apply to you:

I very clearly remember sitting in my log cabin office wondering  how to do my web site, how to do videos and how to network effectively. And that was 9 years ago. One of the 1st things I delegated was my videoing so thanks to Chris for that. I have also delegated my web site to people and that has worked really well – I have more clients now which has more than paid for it. Networking is now planned although COVID has changed some of that.

Our beliefs are usually the culprit for our difficulty delegating:

  • I’ve got to keep control
  • No-one does it as well as me
  • They may change my business and then leave
  • They may steal all of my ideas
  • It will be too expensive

I have done all of these beliefs and it kept me in the same place for ages.

Here are the reframes:

  • Communication about what’s important to you enables you to keep control
  • People definitely do it better than me – ask Chris – my video expert
  • Go with your gut instinct, keep great communication going and put some boundaries in
  • Your ideas are worth spreading. Put a contract in and enforce it if it’s important to you
  • My time is charged at a much higher rate than the people I delegate to so make sure that you use the freed up up time effectively

Really – we just need to GROW A PAIR and take action to delegate

If your beliefs are getting in the way and action doesn’t solve it, get in touch – it’s simple to change your programming about these things.

See you next week,

Dr Bridget – giving you permission to do what you do best and delegate.

P.S My next NLP Training is likely to be live and on-line.

Here’s the link to book to change your life.


P.S. I misspelt growing a PEAR – hence the picture




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