How to Get into Rapport Using your Language

Getting into rapport using your language


Hello – Today we are talking about the L in NLP and how to get into rapport using your language. The advantages of getting into rapport with people who are in your life are many. In particular the connection and the likeness lead to suggestions being accepted at  an unconscious level. This enables influence, negotiation and sales to be much easier and a win-win for everyone.

Watch the video and then carry on reading below:

While the biggest influencer of rapport is physiology, tone and the words used are also key. Last week we talked about metaphors and their influence on us. Here’s the link. Our tonality can also have a big influence.

Peoples’ voice can be:

  • High or low
  • Fast or slow
  • Loud or soft

If we match these, then rapport is more likely.

We can match the level of abstraction as well:

  • Ambiguous – I tend to do this naturally. I say – everyone is happy and it will all be fine and  that’s all that matters. People tend to fill in the gaps and solve challenges in that way. Politicians use language in this way to gain consensus with everyone.
  • Detailed – that is painful for me. Lots of detail but helpful in getting to the root of an issue. Virginia Satir used to get very specific with the detail of peoples challenges and often they melted away just by doing this.

Also my NLP training courses are interesting from a language perspective. The next one is in February 2021 and places are filling up fast —  have a look at the course page here.

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