Understanding problems from an NLP perspective

What is a problem and how can NLP help?



Most people work very hard to solve challenges and problems that are keeping them stuck, but aren’t really sure how they got the problem or how it’s structured. NLP gives you that explanation and it becomes easy to see how to get rid of it. And of course that means that you don’t have to stay in the problem – just understand it and solve it.

Myself and also people who come on courses have a good understanding of the patterns that lead to problems so I thought I’d get back to basics with you to let you know as well. It’s fascinating.

Watch the video and then follow the steps below to start reflecting.

So, if you accept that you have what you call a problem and that you didn’t have that problem when you were born, there must have been a time when you decided to do the problem. And the thing that has made this NOT PROBLEM into a PROBLEM will form part of the boundaries of the problem. In NLP, we simply want to get rid of the boundaries so that the problem disappears. An that is about recognising patterns.

The things that form the boundary are often:

  • Limiting  un-useful beliefs that you think are true or can’t solve
  • Negative emotions
  • Traumas
  • Internal conflicts

As we have so many techniques in NLP that get rid of these patterns, it is easy to solve problems and get rid of that feeling of stuck.

Let’s help you to think about this. If you know that you have a problem that you can’t solve, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do  you want to solve the problem?
  • Do  you know that you have created this in your thinking at some stage?
  • Do you know what is keeping it as a problem?
  • Would you like some help?

Coaching with myself helps you to realise what the main problem is, helps you to identify the boundary issues and then get rid of them. Here is the link for coaching.

If  you fancy learning to help others to identify and resolve problems , then an NLP course is for  you. You can either come on a taster day or, if you want to work with others, an NLP practitioner course to get certified.

Until next week

Dr Bridget – solving your problems without any pain









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