Thinking Around a Problem- How to do this

Thinking around a problem


Think around a problem

NLP is a great coaching and therapeutic modality that isn’t about the story of what happened – it has a techniques and linguistic approach to solving problems. So it is a very comfortable way to resolve issues without spending too much time in the emotional or content aspects of the problem. Cool stuff eh?

Last week I talked about how to understand how a problem is formed and this week, I will talk about how to use a tool to destroy the boundaries around the problem so that is just disappears. Watch the video and get really interested in how to use this for yourself:-

So, a problem is a  problem because it has a boundary and once we destroy the boundary the problem disappears. We can use quantum linguistics to wobble or destroy the boundary by thinking around it. Descartes, a French philosopher in the sixteenth century created Cartesian Co-ordinates and it’s a great way of exploring decisions,

If we take the decision of whether to take a job. A = What would happen and B=Take the job

AB = what would happen if I took the the job?

A nonB = What would happen if I didn’t take the job?

NonA B = What wouldn’t happen if I took the job?

NonA nonB = What wouldn’t happen if I didn’t take the job?

So pick something that you want to test your thinking out on.

Put it into a form of AB

Then create the questions and work them through – its very interesting

Have fun and if you want to learn more, then have a look at the link for my NLP courses or contact me to talk about how we can destroy your problems or make decisions so that you can live the life you want.

Till next week

Dr Bridget – helping you with thinking around your problems


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