Leftovers – Do you Keep them or Ditch them

Leftovers – decision time


Keep or Ditch

Hello – it’s decision time again. Following on from my previous videos which talk about the three things you want to achieve in  the coming year, and how to work backwards from your goals, here’s one about leftovers.

We’ve had a very interesting year and there will be some things that have worked really well for you and some that haven’t. In much the same way as  as making decisions about whether to eat the quality street or ditch them, there are things that would be useful to keep and things that would be useful to ditch in your  business, career and  life. Watch the video and then make a list – see below the video:

So let’s have a think about your leftovers:

What has worked really well for you over the last year?

Are you having empowering beliefs, working with your values, thinking powerful thoughts and behaving in ways that get you the things that you wanted and will get you what you want going forwards.

My values of determination have been useful as well as those of making a difference. My thoughts are generally helpful. so I will keep those.


Do you have less useful  or frankly toxic things that you need to ditch?

Maybe un-useful thoughts and beliefs, such as not being good enough, fear of failure or success or people pleasing?

Maybe you are not ticking your values – I’m certainly not ticking my fun value

Maybe you have behaviours that are not helpful – mine are lack of filing and consistent planning

Action point

So, make a list of leftovers that have been useful and you will keep and leftovers that haven’t been helpful and you will ditch. And regularly review them.

If you’d like to have a chat to me about how to do this and anything that’s getting in your way, here’s the link to make an appointment. I’ve had some amazing conversations in the last fortnight about this very subject.

Remember that I work on a one to one basis with people to support you to get unstuck and get what you want. Here’s the link for coaching

I also run NLP Trainings at all levels and am looking forward to running the first one in  three weeks time.

Until next time,

Dr Bridget – supporting you to make decisions




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