Spread the Word about your Plans

Spread the word?

Spread the word

Hello. Are  you someone that likes telling others about your plans? Maybe it helps you to have accountability or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe  you like to keep your plans to yourself in case they don’t work out? Maybe you worry that you won’t achieve them or may be you just know its going to all work out really well. Whatever you think, it can be really useful to spread the word. It gives you accountability – internally for  yourself and externally to others. Watch the video and have a think:

If you do tell others, they can help with their own experience, advice or useful questions. And it is very important to choose these people carefully.

Then if you achieve your plans, they can congratulate you and you can reflect on whether it helped or not. If you don’t achieve your plans, you can reflect with others and keep the good actions and stop the actions that don’t help you to get your plans. And they will learn as will you.

This is the sort of discussion that we regularly have in our STRETCH Mastermind group which is people in business who like to have interesting discussions that move them forward. Its an hour long discussion every week and certainly exercises the brain. Here’s a link if you’d like to know  more about the group. Or send me a message via my contact form

If you’d like some support and accountability from a coach who can help  you change your thinking and double your turnover, if you are in business, let me know. I’ve created a successful business myself  and support others to do so.

Testimonial following an intensive Breakthrough Coaching  with me

I’ve had a great productive week and got loads done, a potentially lucrative client call and 8 people signed up to my challenge, two of whom are my exact audience for my higher end work too… coincidence or not, its been a good week – thank you

Until next week

Dr Bridget – helping  you spread the word and get those results


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