How to Get Rid of Emotions after Trauma – PTSD

Getting Rid of Emotions after Trauma

Resolving PTSD


PTSDMost people have heard of PTSD and know that removing the symptoms that go with this diagnosis can be challenging. I’m not a fan of using the term PTSD as it implies that this is a mental health disorder, when in fact it is something that gives symptoms that can be easily removed. I remember when I was a GP, I worried about how to help those with this diagnosis. There is also a new label called Complex PTSD and I still remember a client telling me that they had been told they’d have the symptoms for life. I get cross about this because most people that I work with have had some form of trauma that affects their life and it only takes a few hours  to resolve this.

I have set up a Community Interest Company to work with people who have  had trauma and we are treating people who have had a variety of traumas in their life, whether this is acute or over time. The success  rate is 90-95% and takes less than 6 hours.

Watch the video and then look at the symptoms below. Perhaps you or someone you know have these symptoms and we can help you. Contact us here

Symptoms of PTSD include:

  • Nightmares, flashbacks and difficulty sleeping
  • Avoidance of triggers – people, places, scenarios
  • Physical symptoms such as sweating or shaking
  • Re-experiencing the event as though it is real now
  • Changes in mood

These symptoms can start after the event and last for many years.

Causes include many events which often involve experiencing near death for yourself or death /near death for other people. Also risk of or actual serious injury for self or other people.

The reason that people continue to have symptoms is due to the impairment of moving the memories from the fight and flight centre- the amygdala- to an area of the brain which deals with other types of memories. RTM changes the structure of the memories so that the emotions are separated from the memories and the event has moved into the past rather than being experienced as if now.

Please tell us if you know of people who have symptoms like this as we can help very quickly

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