The Art of Dissociation- Managing your Emotions

The Art of Dissociation


Different perspective

Hello – Sometimes being stuck in positive emotions is great – in fact we encourage it on courses when we anchor positive emotions. However, being stuck in negative emotions can be really uncomfortable and can cause constant negative chatter , inability to sleep and can have a profound effect on  your life and ability to lead your life.

In these scenarios, before you get some help to deal with the emotions, it can be helpful to dissociate so that you get a different perspective on the events that you are thinking about.

Have a watch of the video and learn the difference between association and dissociation and the usefulness of each and learn how to dissociate from uncomfortable and unhelpful emotions.

When you are in NLP terms associated you are

  • Looking through your own eyes
  • Hearing through your own ears
  • Feeling the emotions fully

And when you are dissociated you are

  • Looking at yourself
  • Hearing what  you are saying from outside of your self
  • Noticing the emotions rather than feeling them
  • Can learn from the event as you are looking from outside

We use dissociation in a perceptual positions exercise on courses and people find this really helpful.

So if you can step outside of yourself in these uncomfortable times, you can learn from the situation and feel more comfortable. and then associate back into your body. In fact, all NLP Techniques are based on the following pattern:

  • Associate into the problem
  • Dissociate from the problem
  • Gather learnings and resources  while outside the problem and then
  • Associate back into the problem with new learnings and resources

If you are struggling to dissociate and resolve your issues, get in touch so that we can get rid of the negative thoughts and emotions together so that you don’t have to dissociate.

N.B. Also, some people spend all of their time dissociated, often due to traumatic events. This is also unhelpful and can be a response to anxiety and other mental health conditions. I can also help you with these so get in touch if you have these symptoms that last a length of time.

If you’d like to know more about NLP, here is the link to my training courses page.

I’d love to have a chat with you about coming on one.

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – giving you tools to help.





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