Exit Strategy

What is your Personal Covid Lockdown Exit Strategy?

Personal Exit Strategy

Exit StrategyHello – I’ve been attempting to keep inspired during Covid Lockdown by working out topics for my Mastermind STRETCH such as working out spaces for me to work in. Mugs to take to those spaces and, more recently, music to play in those spaces. And I’ve dared to start to think about when lockdown finishes – whether that is gradual or not. And I’ve found it useful to think about what I’m going to do then and not do. Watch the video and then think about making your own personal version of your exit strategy.

So I AM going to:

  • Connect and hug
  • Walk run and  jump, no matter how silly it looks
  • Be present
  • Be myself and show up
  • Be creative

I may even get to film videos in unusual spaces which I haven’t seen for over a year – like the beach or the tops of hills or maybe other people’s gardens. May even take a week off as there will be people to see and things to do.

And I’m NOT going to

  • Stay in
  • Get overwhelmed
  • Sit on my bum
  • Do and not reflect
  • Lose myself

Have you managed to retain a sense of self? I’ve just been keeping on doing things without thinking about who I am and whether I’m happy with that and I certainly haven’t been doing much exercise – hence the sitting on my bum point.

I’m sure there must be more so I’ll  continue reflecting. And of course, if I do the things I want to do, my reality will be great, my emotional state will be great and I’ll like what I’m doing and the results I will get.

How about you – what would you like to do and not do once restrictions ease?

Let me know.

If you’re struggling in ANY way or simply want some help with your personal lockdown exit strategy, contact me – I’d love life to be great for you going forward.

Dr Bridget

Keeping going together

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