Anchoring Positive Emotions

Anchoring Positive Emotions

How to anchor positive emotions

Anchoring is when we apply a stimulus at the height of an emotion so that the two things become neurologically linked.  We can use this to anchor positive emotions or to get rid of negative emotions.

If you think about it, if we’ve got positive emotions and we can use them at will, then life becomes very interesting and we can use these emotions to move forward and stay positive.   On the flip side if you’ve anchored to negative emotions such as distress, sadness or disappointment from your past then you’re not going to be able to move forward.

There’s lots of reasons for getting positive emotions anchored and I teach how to do this on my NLP Practitioner course, and you can do it yourself.

In this week’s video I teach you the NLP technique to anchor positive emotions. Watch the video and try it for yourself.

Firstly you’ll need to decide on positive emotion you would like to anchor.

As an example, I’ve just been on a business retreat and I could do with some calm. So I thought I might anchor some calm on my knuckles. Follow the process in the video and use the script below to try it for yourself.

Firstly we say to ourselves..

Can you remember a time when you were totally calm?”   (Substitute calm with the positive emotion you want to anchor)

As you remember that time

go back to that time now…..go right back, float down into your body and see what you saw, hear what you heard and really feel those feelings of being totally calm   (As soon as you feel the positive emotion put your finger on your knuckle and as soon as it starts to disappear again take your finger off.)

I then repeat the process several times thinking of different times when I felt totally calm.

When I think about wanting to be calm I can then press the same knuckle and that calmness washes over me because it’s been neurologically linked to the stimulus of pressing my knuckle. This means that anytime I need some calm I just press my knuckle and the calmness comes over me.

So have a think what emotion you would like to have, maybe it’s excitement, determination or focus and use the highlighted script above and have a go.

If you’d like some help with this then get in touch book an appointment here. My phone number is 07973 635102 if you want to access that free half hour with me or you can book it on the above link.

Enjoy the experimenting and see you next week.

Dr Bridget – clearing your negatives

If you’d like to learn more techniques to anchor positive emotions and get rid of negative emotions  I have a couple of  spaces left on my next NLP Practitioner course which runs over two lots of 4 days. 30/7/21-2/8/21 plus 20-23/8/21 – click here for further information


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