Using Your Spaces Effectively


How to use your spaces effectively

This blog has come about because I set my alarm for 6:15 this morning knowing that Chris my camera man was coming to film a new blog. As usual, I was not very organised and I was drawing a complete blank on what I was going to talk about. I was wracking my brain trying to come up with something new and different to talk about – I’ve been doing blogs for so long that I didn’t want to end up repeating myself.

So I got up and I sat at my kitchen table, I had my morning cup of tea and stared out at my garden and you know what I came up with four different blog ideas in fifteen minutes! It was like those blogs and that activity had become anchored to that space, so as soon as I sat down I was in the zone and the work flowed.

I’m one of those people who like to collect mugs with little catchphrases on them, I’ve got about 7 mugs that I use for different activities. I’m anchored to my mugs and you can be anchored to spaces and objects too.

That raises the question how do you become anchored to a space?  Listen to this week’s video and try out the tasks below to get them most out of your spaces and be more productive.


How do you become anchored to a space?

Well if you’re running a business ask yourself;

  • Where do you do your accounts?
  • Where do you speak to clients?
  • Where do you do you do your planning?

List your essential activities, think about where you do them best and maybe use that space to anchor those activities.

I’ve done quite a few blogs on anchoring recently, I’ve talked about anchoring positive emotions and anchoring to get rid of negative emotions. This is another blog in the anchoring theme.

If you’d like some help with this then get in touch book an appointment here. My phone number is 07973 635102 if you want to access that free half hour with me or you can book it on the above link.

Enjoy the experimenting and see you next week.

Dr Bridget – clearing your negatives

If you’d like to learn more techniques to anchor positive emotions and get rid of negative emotions  I have a couple of  spaces left on my next NLP Practitioner course which runs over two lots of 4 days. 30/7/21-2/8/21 plus 20-23/8/21 – click here for further information


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