A strategy to Tackle Any Problem


Would you be interested in a strategy to tackle any problem?

Sometimes when we have a problem to solve, we succumb to fear, we start second guessing ourselves, we procrastinate and spend a lot of time really struggling and not knowing what to do to solve the problem .

I was in a recent networking/business  growth event and we were working together to tackle each others problems. I highly recommend Zokit – the business  growth organisation. One person in my group was really busy and we suggested that he made himself  less busy by delegating and getting people on board, however what he was really struggling with was being decisive about the more detailed areas of his business.

It reminded me of an article I’d recently read called “Strategy to tackle any problem.”

It’s quite simple to use, watch the video and try out the steps below to tackle any problem.

A strategy to tackle any problem!

  1. The first step is to take some decisive action. Once you’ve taken this action-it doesn’t matter what the action is, the universe conspires to help you to get it.
  2. Now, flood yourself with certainty-  know that you’ve made the right decision. Remove all doubt. You are going to carry out the tasks related to that decisive action.
  3. Thirdly, take some massive action. When you take this action you will know whether it is right or not and you can adjust it if required. Moreover if you are not heading towards your goals with that decisive action then you can stop and take another decisive action.

This can apply to all areas of our lives. We often spend a lot of time being indecisive where:

  • Part of us wants to do one thing and part wants to do another.
  • We question – Shall I do this? or Shall I do that?
  • We think – I can’t do this, or I should/must do that

All this goes around in our head and it takes us away from really concentrating on what is important for our business, our life, our relationships or even our career.

So this week, follow the 3 steps above and take some decisive action.

If you are struggling to take some action and would like some help with this then book an appointment here. My phone number is 07973 635102 if you want to access that free half hour with me or you can book it on the above link.

Enjoy seeing how you can empty any negative thoughts and emotions with this simple and decisive  three step strategy and see you next week.

Dr Bridget – let’s step it up together.

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Also, the person who was helped with  this decision owns this company that I would highly recommend for printe management – I wish I’d met him earlier.

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