Why do I sometimes feel like my head is empty?

head empty

“I feel like my head is empty.”

I was running a Master Practitioner course recently and someone on the course said, “I don’t know why, but I feel as though my head is empty, I go to think about something and I feel like there is nothing there.”

I understood what she meant as I have had this feeling. It is when you feel like you are scrabbling around in your head and you can’t access things, it appears a little foggy and you can’t find any words.

Maybe this is a challenge and maybe it’s a good thing.

In this week’s video I consider the pros and cons of having an empty head. Watch the video and try out the memory strategies below.

Alphabetical Recall

I was recently trying to remember someone’s name – I could see the person but I just couldn’t remember her name. So, I went through the alphabet and when I got to ‘N’ my unconscious mind identified that, that was it. However, I still couldn’t remember the name so I put ‘N’ into my phone and the name came up.  It’s a good thing to do if you can’t recall something.

The Memory Palace

Another strategy is the “Memory Palace”.  If I want to remember something like a name, or a blog title then I can connect these things to spaces for example in my sitting room.  So I would think of the name and I would see the person sitting on my sofa.  I tried this for this blog and I though of my sofa with an empty skull, with ABC next to it and then the person’s name. It helped me recall the main points.

Sometimes our brain tries to protect us and that’s why we get an empty head and there are several reasons why we feel like this:

  • Maybe there is so much going on that you cannot access information. I call this a fog where everything is going around in your head and it feels really full.
  • Maybe you’ve experienced occasions where your mind is wandering and you are not fully focussed on your goals or haven’t got any.
  • It may even be that you have a belief that you can’t remember things – a belief that creates that reality.

All these problems can be sorted out with NLP techniques.

However, I was also thinking that sometimes it’s good to have an empty head.  I sometimes have an empty head because I’ve done some internal tidying up of my thoughts and there isn’t any negative chatter. I’m also very much a big picture person so I don’t think about a lot of detail which means there isn’t a lot going on in my head.

Moreover if you are doing mindfulness or meditation it really is helpful to have not much going on in your head so you can notice thoughts come in and out.

I hope these tips help your head, whether it is full or empty.

If you are struggling with this and would like some help then book an appointment here. My phone number is 07973 635102 if you want to access that free half hour with me or you can book it on the above link.

See you next week

Dr Bridget –

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