What are your expectations?


The Power of Expectation

I’m not sure if you are aware of  your expectations or not? We have them all the time and they have a huge effect on our results in life, business, relationships and our work. Let me tell you why!

An expectation is a strong belief that something will happen and it can be a negative expectation or  a positive one.

Here’s a negative one – we go to a networking or social event  and think that it’s all going to go wrong and that no-one will be interested in us. I also occasionally do some negative expectations that my dog will run away when I take him for a walk – and guess what happens…….

Positive expectations are things such as – People will be pleased to see me or my dog will be really well behaved.

Some people have no expectations and therefore things happen to them rather than them being in charge of their results.

Watch the video and then keep reading to find out more and consider whether it would be useful to change your expectations to get the results that you want.


There are a few things to be aware of :

  • What ever you do, you will probably be aware that what you are focused on is where your energy will go. So if you focus on negatives your energy will be negative.
  • The other thing to consider is the NLP theme which is called Perception is Projection. This means that what you unconsciously project to people is what you get back. So if you have internal doubt, people will give you back doubt. If you project positivity, then you will get that back.
  • Also the brain oversimplifies our experience –  it symbolises things. So if you see someone turn away from you, then the  brain will take that as a symbol that is “bad”  and create doubt in your  mind. If you decide that the person who turned away has a positive reason for doing that, then the brain will symbolise that as positive.

Would it be a good thing for you to expect positives?

So here’s a process for creating positive expectations?

  1. Notice what you are expecting
  2. Decide if it is useful or not
  3. If  it is a negative expectation, ask where it has come from – family, friends, experiences, society or the media?
  4. Reframe the expectation – People turning away from you – this could mean they are getting a coffee and coming to see you. Dogs running away – make yourself really exciting so that they run towards you.
  5. Consider if you always have negative expectations and decide on whether you should simply avoid that experience – put some boundaries around it.

Here’s the thing – it you have positive expectations then you will create positive realities which will get you positive results.

If you are having challenges with positivity then let me know by contacting  me. People who work with me expect the best and usually get it.

I’m creating the positive expectation that you are going to comment on this post to help others so I’m looking forward to that.

Until next week

Dr Bridget – Symbolising positivity for you!




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  1. Paul Abbey
    Paul Abbey says:

    I do like these videos, usually as thought provoking analyses but also sometimes as a memory jogger, in this case the Laws of Attraction and drawing the right ‘Positive’ energy, a few years ago in my Mental Health campaign work I discovered a helpful expression ‘Action is Powerful’ which fits in around this particular video very well…….


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